The RVCC Foundation provides access to a multitude of student and community-based programs, unique instructional approaches, critical initiatives, naming opportunities, scholarships and more. Whatever your areas of interest or concerns — RVCC has many avenues of engagement.


Student Support

Through the generous gifts of individuals, organizations, corporations and businesses, we award more than $300,000 annually in scholarships to help to defray the cost of tuition, fees and educational supplies for students with economic challenges. There are several options available to provide scholarship support — guaranteed to have a huge impact on many lives.

In addition to relieving some of the financial burden students face, scholarships also play another important if less quantified role. Getting selected to receive a scholarship—to be singled out in so positive a way—can be highly affirming to students and helps boost confidence and motivation to succeed. We invite the community to consider adding to the growing list of new scholarships added by the RVCC Foundation in the last 24 months:

  • Corinthians 16:14 Scholarship
  • Dr. Catherine Hebson McVicker Scholarship
  • Education Foundation of Bridgewater Raritan Scholarship
  • Edwin Reichman Scholarship
  • Frank S. & Patricia F. Russo Foundation Scholarship
  • Pay It Forward Scholarship in Cosmetology/Esthetics
  • Zach Bunsa Memorial Scholarship
  • Jake Irwin Honors College Scholarship
  • My Brother’s Keeper Black Male Community Service Scholarship
  • Scholarship for Fundamental Fairness Honoring the Life of John J. Grossi, Jr.
  • Joel F. Reyes-Guzman Scholarship
  • Evelyn S. Field Scholarship, and
  • Paul Robeson Scholarship.

For more information about scholarships at RVCC, please contact Mike Marion by email michael.marion@raritanval.edu or call 908-648-8567.

Amplify Message/Advocate

Share the amazing success of RVCC with the rest of the world. Whether you’re a student, relative, or a business that’s benefited from our well-prepared and dedicated student body, it’s essential to make everyone aware of all that RVCC offers, including an affordable path to outstanding careers and community engagement.


Our student athletes distinguish themselves both in and out of the classroom. Supporting RVCC Athletics provides much-needed resources to help grow the impact of our Lions’ teams, helping keep RVCC competitive. There are a wide variety of sponsorship options and ways to market your brand by affiliating with and supporting RVCC Athletics.

Ray Bateman Center

For more information, contact Mike Marion at michael.marion@raritanval.edu or call 908-648-8567.


Join in! Throughout the year, we hold a number of community fundraisers — heightening awareness of the RVCC Foundation, including:

Our annual Golf Classic is a fantastic way to invite community participation, while raising funds, driving awareness and guaranteeing a complete day of fun.

The RVCC Golf Classic

This event generates support for students, faculty and key priorities of the College. We’re always seeking foursomes, sponsors, journal ads, and donated items for the event. For more information, contact Janet Dunne at janet.dunne@raritanval.edu or call at 908-648-8355.

RVCC Raffle

Every year, we hold our annual RVCC Raffle fundraiser to benefit the Scholarship Fund. Last year’s Grand Prize winners received their choice of exciting trips including event tickets, hotel accommodations and airfare! Tickets typically cost $100 each and only 300 are sold. For more information, contact Janet Dunne at janet.dunne@raritanval.edu or 908-648-8355.

Annual Giving Day

Our Annual Giving Day is a 24-hour online event where students and the community raise funds for the RVCC cause of their choice. Teams, clubs and organizations compete to raise the most money, with great community participation. Contact Janet Dunne at janet.dunne@raritanval.edu or call 908-648-8355 to learn more.


The RVCC Foundation is composed of leaders from all walks of life, contributing their expertise and time to the RVCC Foundation Board.

Time & Talent

If you’d like to consider a role on the RVCC Board, you’ll be part of a visionary team of like-minded individuals — people who are passionate about expanding awareness and the impact of RVCC. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, interested community member or recent graduate, get ready to play a role in shifting the paradigm and perception of higher education in America.

For more information, contact Mike Marion at michael.marion@raritanval.edu or call 908-648-8567.


Discover a host of ways that you can support RVCC through the RVCC Foundation — all of which can be tailored to what best suits your interest. Ready to get involved? Let’s amplify the RVCC message and expand support of this great local asset.

Ready to attend a board or steering committee meeting?

Want to host a special event or community fundraiser?

Ready to attend a dinner to learn more about RVCC?

Want to learn more about upcoming opportunities?


For more information, contact Mike Marion at michael.marion@raritanval.edu or call 908-648-8567.


New Perspective Dinners

Our informational dinners are hosted at local restaurants and designed to provide guests with unique insights into the higher education landscape — and RVCC’s unique position. You’ll also learn about the impact the College represents to the community. These intimate, invite-only events are a great way to get involved and learn more about the incredible work happening at RVCC. They’re also wonderful sponsorship opportunities that can be hosted by your company (and can even be tailored exclusively for your employees, business partners, or others you wish to impress!).

For more information, contact Mike Marion at michael.marion@raritanval.edu or call 908-648-8567.


The RVCC Foundation accepts donated equipment, gift certificates, services, etc. and provides acknowledgment letters for your charitable tax deduction.

Contact Janet Dunne at janet.dunne@raritanval.edu or call 908-648-8355.


Corporations play an increasingly important role in the long-terms sustainability of RVCC. We stand ready to help create a partnership that supports your goals and ours too. We offer an unlimited number of public-private partnership opportunities to consider; we’ll be happy to work with you to create the right initiative for your organization — providing support to RVCC, while driving results for you.

For more information, contact Mike Marion at michael.marion@raritanval.edu or call 908-648-8567.


There’s no better way to impact the world than through the RVCC Foundation! Unlike four-year college endowments — every dollar helps improve the lives of RVCC students and their families. That’s why many include RVCC in their legacy planning. To learn more, contact Mike Marion at 908-648-8567 or by email at michael.marion@raritanval.edu.

WILLS & LIVING TRUSTS A gift in your will or trust, known as a “charitable bequest”, is a meaningful way to support RVCC. You can direct your gift to a particular program or to be used by RVCC for unrestricted purposes.
BENEFICIARY DESIGNATION Passionate about supporting RVCC, even after your lifetime? A beneficiary designation is an easy, impactful way to give. Simply contact your retirement or life insurance plan administrator and request a beneficiary designation form.
QUALIFIED CHARITABLE DEDUCTION Make a difference today and save on taxes, when you support RVCC through your IRA. Give any amount (up to a maximum of $100,000) per year from your IRA directly to a qualified charity, such as RVCC, without having to pay income taxes. This popular gift option is commonly called a “Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD)” or an “IRA Charitable Rollover”.
REAL ESTATE Donating appreciated property that you’ve held longer than one year can provide a federal income tax charitable deduction, and avoid capital gains tax. Learn more on how to deed property directly to RVCC or include in your will or trust.
MEMORIALS & TRIBUTE GIFTS A memorial or “tribute gift” is a meaningful way to provide a lasting honor to your loved one and make a difference in the lives of many RVCC students and faculty members.
ENDOWED GIFTS Give a gift with both immediate and long-term benefits when you support RVCC’s Endowment, helping to address immediate and long-term needs at RVCC.
DONOR-ADVISED GIFTS This charitable savings account is an easy, cost-effective way to support RVCC. If you have an existing donor-advised fund, you may direct it to transfer cash (or other assets) to a non-profit organization such as RVCC.